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Kingdek configuration software applied n the embedded Linux

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Terminal application in all walks of life have been widely used, the product range of different functions, the majority of market prospects, and competitive. Shenzhen Gold Deco Information Technology Co., Ltd. using open source embedded op

Terminal application in all walks of life have been widely used, the product range of different functions, the majority of market prospects, and competitive. Shenzhen Gold Deco Information Technology Co., Ltd. using open source embedded operating system hardware and linux as a platform, combined with the company's configuration software, has formed a set of customized short, modular high scalability, and low-cost Smart end-products program can be widely used in banking, securities and other financial business systems interface terminal.


Intelligent Terminal

design goal short customization time

business different from all walks of life, ever-changing customer demand, smart client terminal based on the customer needs a high degree of induction, the use of graphical visualization of the business process definition, the script of the background packet interface. In a short time, quickly and needs of customers into the idea of a stable and reliable application systems at the same time, the system changes and maintenance and its simple and user-friendly, and even customers can use their own tools to adjust customers.

Modular scalability

bus-based modes of information exchange mechanisms, modular, and loosely coupled between the modules, the source of the high degree of code reuse, at the same time as a result of the inter-module is based on the operation code-level reuse, mature and stable. At the same time ensuring the quality, the development of greatly enhanced efficiency and scalability.

low cost

the use of embedded hardware can be removed in a number of general-purpose hardware modules do not need to only retain and expand the applications of the embedded platform software at the same time as a result of the introduction of the requirements of the hardware resources significantly reduce hardware costs can be reduced . At the same time, operating systems and development tools, since the adoption of open source software, do not have to run the software platform to pay high copyright fees, and at the same time to ensure the legitimacy of the software. high stability

mature Embedded

over the years has been widely used, many hardware platforms and mature, in all walks of life there are many successful programs. Applications in the embedded, linux open source because of its stability characteristics and a wide range of applications, in all levels of PC and server running on a stable business.

characteristics embedded

low cost: on a relatively low hardware resource requirements, the use of free open-source operating system and development of software, lower costs.
small size: embedded hardware generally small size, low power consumption, product design room space is relatively large.
strong special: program embedded applications are usually characterized by specific hardware and software design, specific strong.

Linux advantages

legitimate copyright: linux is open source software, you can use and distribute free of charge, with the legitimacy of copyright release.
advanced technology: linux integrated many excellent programmers around the world the wisdom and sweat, highly efficient and stable core in the mainstream of many now on the hardware platform are running well, in the embedded field is a very important position.
good characteristics can be cut: linux is a very strong modular, tailored properties, and can run the core even as small as 1K in the following, the actual use of the core can generally be controlled at less than 1M. Hardware support for the rich, can be tailored in accordance with the need for flexibility, significantly reduce the demands on the hardware resources and improve operational efficiency.
bright prospects for development: linux-based Internet development and rich in resources, technology support and can be continuity, and good development prospects. Intelligent Terminal

functional structure


hardware from the business version of the server, end-running the client and various peripheral components can be articulated.
software business logic and the development of human-machine interface module, a custom message modules, terminal operation module, version control module and kswitch message exchange platform.
System collaboration diagram
Hardware connection:

Note: version of the server can be integrated in the human-machine interface terminal, the customer only when the work platform or customer business processes and human-machine interface, such as the need for changes.

customization tools:

running software


智能终端客户端软件 introduced the


customized visualization tools: The module

visualization software (WYSIWYG) integrated development of customized tools, the use of gold Deco's configuration software developed. Including the definition of business logic, the definition of human-machine interfaces quickly, at the definition of features such as text format. Output of the tool to run the software for end-use profile. running software


that part of the software running on the man-machine interface terminal, in accordance with configuration files, to resolve the business logic and structure of messages and to provide human-machine interface. At the same time contact with the version of the server, when the version update, read the new configuration file.

device driver modules:

run the module for software plug-in terminal part of the main terminal to complete a variety of devices connected to the drive and provide a unified interface to return calls, and status.

management software version:

way of using version control and management responsible for the distribution of business logic, human-machine interface, the definition of message changes. Part of the software can run as the specific requirements of the terminal, or a special version of the server.

KSwitch information exchange platform:

between the completion of the module scheduling and information exchange to the information module to provide a unified interface, making the module can be loosely coupled, easy to expand, facilitate collaborative development and improve development efficiency. Technical Features


major technical:

embedded development, script-based approach to develop a custom workflow, the use of visualization software configuration man-machine interface development, involving a device driver module development.

development platform and tools running software

terminal: Linux + Qt
version control software: Linux + Qt + MySQL
customization tools: Windows + kingdek configuration software


based on embedded linux and technologically advanced intelligent terminal, the use of embedded development, low cost; the use of gold as a Guest Decaux configuration software tools, high-end system flexibility, customers work more simple, efficient, and safeguard easy work.

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