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decision-making system of securities market analysis

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Quotes stability analysis of high-speed systems, analysis algorithms and flexible expansion of content-rich presentation. Contains the client, back-end server, customer relationship management system, the integrity of information systems s


stability analysis of high-speed systems, analysis algorithms and flexible expansion of content-rich presentation. Contains the client, back-end server, customer relationship management system, the integrity of information systems solutions.


high stability of high-capacity high-compatibility solutions for securities market

1, high-speed market

system uses the improved TCP / IP protocol, for the updating of data to take a more advanced way, makes software to speed up the pace and speed of market, market to receive the full support of the Internet to support real-time stock and support a variety of Proxy Gateway . With powerful real-time data and data after completed, users can directly access to long-term historical data.

2, round-the-clock support various types of market

for the global financial products, applicable to various types of securities market trading rules. At the same time, the securities market kingdek server to provide forwarding services market can be transmitted in accordance with the requirements provided by the market.

3, efficient use of system resources and support services to the high number of users

using unique technology, a single securities market kingdek server customers can carry significant increase in the number of terminals, you can greatly expand the brokerage firm's customers and to promote efforts to reduce the cost of the hardware network to make it in the same industry with strong competition between force.

4, to facilitate the maintenance

uniform maintenance, automatically download the update management. To maintain unity in the headquarters can be reached on the branches or around the business department to update all the procedures, the greatest degree of reduction in the workload of Economics.

5, high-stability

server run-time occupied by a very low system resources, can guarantee the long-running server to ensure that the institutions for market services.

6, press releases landing tips online information

server to support the company released the classification of independent news, for online customers or landing instant messaging client released.

powerful intelligence analysis system

A, in support of self-formula with unique and easy analysis tool

analysis provide an open platform for creative formula can be based on your own experience the production of various technical trading indicators, the conditions of stock, trading system, colorful line combination. Ten types of basic functions for hundreds of call. Convenient and practical management of the formula and the formula editor. Test platform to ensure that you optimize the parameters.


B, provide a powerful analysis features, you fully meet the needs of different analytical

system provides a very complete and powerful analysis functions. Built-in formula for more than 100 kinds of various types of indicators, including all the classic technical indicators. Time-sharing plans than on the stock indexes, the market rate for Change, the sale of power, Vice map, any minute analysis cycle, as well as on-line multi-cycle, the right to deal with complex, multi-value coordinates and time coordinates, a number of the main map, multi-master map overlay multiple indicator signal, move the cost of distribution, analysis and many other powerful features, fully meet your needs of a wide range of technical analysis.

C, is extremely rich in drawing a line tool, so that you are a menace to do technical analysis

to provide trend line, cycle lines, Gann lines, regression line, Fernandez has won a variety of tools for drawing lines. Drag can be done by drawing a line adjustment, can be directly input numerical coordinates for precise positioning. Draw a line graph of the current auto-save.


D, keyboard wizard, a wealth of shortcut keys, menu ubiquitous, extremely easy to operate said hand

through the keyboard wizard, enter the number or alphabet code, can be quickly targeted to any goods, plates, in both Chinese and English name of the formula. System provides a very rich and convenient features of the right menu, as well as the configuration of the large number of shortcuts in order to enhance operational efficiency.

E, with a number of indicators shows the line Securities Analysis System

Kingdek shows the same line a number of indicators, or even all of the technical indicators to line drawing in a map to meet the curve analysis of the indicators of a soft spot for the high demands of the people.


F, Export Data

can export the data into the Excel table, easy to use Excel for analysis.

the backing of powerful technology development Shenzhen Kingdek

Information Technology Co., Ltd., is a computer-based high-tech software development companies in the field of software development has a strong and efficient development team has accumulated rich experience in the project. Based on customer demand, the idea of customers quickly in the software to develop customized personality with rich connotations of the analysis system.

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