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Industrial configuration software

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kingdek configuration software is Shenzhen Kingdek Information Technology Co., Ltd. focus on technology, in-depth customer needs mining industry at the scene, combined with years of experience in project development focused on research and

kingdek configuration software is Shenzhen Kingdek Information Technology Co., Ltd. focus on technology, in-depth customer needs mining industry at the scene, combined with years of experience in project development focused on research and development for industrial automation monitoring and control system graphics development tools. The software is user-friendly, using drag-and-drop style, building-block integrated development environment, easy to use, clear and intuitive. Have a powerful graphics editing systems, using a unique pixel configuration mechanism, to allow freedom of pixel rendering, multi-level combination of decomposition and can be quickly converted into a flexible configuration to control the target pixel. Built a powerful, interactive and friendly integrated development environment, graphics library to facilitate the expansion of a very simple, rich animation effects can be pixel configuration management approach to the preparation of device drivers and business processes to achieve the standardization of the project, modular, efficient . For the industrial automation control and management of multimedia self-service terminals to provide a complete program of fast and stable configuration Software engineering management, in accordance with the characteristics of various industries, the use of the project template wizard-style approach to guiding the development process and reduce development, standards development processes and products, to speed up the development speed, reduce the error rate and improve efficiency 。

Product Features

Convenient and flexible graphic designer

      The latest Windows interface style, easy-to-understand interface, simple operation rules.

      Featured practical, given the flexibility to expand the toolbox graphics。 

      Through the built-in drawing tools needed to draw a variety of beautiful vector graphics, support for multiple graphics composition and decomposition, the size of stretching, rotating end-point transform; 

      Support gradient color and gradient direction, graphics and curve a straight line with each other strokes conversion;

Graphic design software interface configuration

      Rapid typesetting layout, graphics alignment of the size of the same mirror and other operations; supports a variety of commonly used image format import, export, full rich graphics option。

      Map layers of management, would facilitate the conduct of inter-layer forward, backward, top, home at the end of operation, etc.。

      A completed graphic element can be easily saved as a static map of the meta-object, just a simple drag-and-drop can reuse the existing static graphic elements, and retain their properties during the formation of all, you can modify its attributes and combinations of any decomposition;

      Pixel sub-management, can be set up to delete the content classification and its management, clear and easy to use。

Powerful integrated development environment

      Powerful integrated built-compiler environment, and control flexibility. Support not only simple but the script support. NET C # and VB.NET Works can be embedded in a variety of complex algorithms and a variety of business logic, a more comprehensive control of the powerful features. Automatic generation of code modules, transparent management of the internal code. Intelligent sensing, auto-filled, grammar checker, error functions and easy to use. Code can be compiled, run more efficient and stable。

Configuration software integrated development environment

Unique pixel configuration mechanism

      Graphics rendering, you can choose to generate can be flexibly controlled, the real object-oriented elements of the configuration,Pixel configuration with a variety of excellent object-oriented features, can be sub-graph of its flexible control of code-driven, quick definition of a rich animation effects.and Multiple inheritance and overloading,Very easy to extend and reuse。
      Dynamic graphic element can be used to prepare the system the way the device drivers and the business logic, so that equipment and also the configuration of business processes. Configuration of the system greatly improved to enhance scalability, and the development of rapid, stable performance。

. NET components and support Activex controls

       . NET components and user of the windows can be quickly drawn into the control toolbox, the system has a rich functionality. On the VC, VB and other non-. NET tools to support the preparation of the Activex control the same type of drag-and-drop support, full use of existing resources。

Rich graphics library

       Configuration mechanism unique graphics can be quickly developed a rich library of the industrial field applications, as well as all the necessary equipment gallery gallery. Support for Flash, Gif, Jpg, bmp, png and other media files, rich multimedia support, a perfect target industrial monitor。

Pixel configuration database

Expansion of flexible

      A unified programming interface, transparent automatic code generation, modular, systematic, clear and to reduce the error probability. Open architecture, flexible expansion with a full range of open architecture, functional expansion, upgrade and customization are very convenient and flexible, extended system life cycle, enabling customers to maximize investment returns. Self-expansion of the new graphical tool to add your own toolbox of dynamic and static elements to manage their own classification, behavior modification and dynamic graphic element inheritance and overloading。

Quick device connect

      System can be used as a simple and rapid OPC Client to connect OPC Server, the connection with the equipment, can also be used as OPC Server data to other applications. At the same time for different equipment manufacturers, device drivers can also be a way pixel configuration to quickly develop a personalized device drivers, the realization of a special interface to connect and control equipment。

Network and redundant

      Developed by combining the exchange of information distributed middleware, distributed systems can be run to achieve load balancing and redundancy features to ensure data integrity and uninterrupted service。

Stable performance, the use of reliable

      Based on. NET technology, the use of managed code programming, the software more robust and stable. Windows systems effectively prevent the recurrence of "memory leaks", "memory corruption" and "blue screen" system such as deadlock, the collapse of the phenomenon. Evasion due to different dynamic-link library version of a result of "the nightmare of the dynamic library" (DLL HELL)。

Project management


Easy to uninstall

      To eliminate dependence on Windows registry, "that is, copy or use" and subordinate to install a more simple and convenient, and the installation of a green, clean and easy to uninstall.

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