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Who we are

Need a new help with information solutions designing and service for industrial automation control ? Please call Kingdek
Shenzhen Kingdek Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated & high-tech softwares and services company. Helping to design and develop softwares, providing services to such as : industrial configuration softwares, embedded industrial computer integration softwares , application softwares in industries . We adhere to the principles of the market-oriented and technology-based. Kingdek is movement , innovation, quality and service all in one . People-oriented, customer first, high attention to details . We provide this to our customers every day , we are on move to provide the best solution and service perfect for you .
True to this motto: We are always on move to provide the best solution and service perfect for you .
By April , 2009 . Kingdek had succeed in developing its own intellectual property rights of the industrial configuration. softwares,? message exchange? middlewares , self-help development of device management systems, securities market analysis of decision-making systems to provide a complete , stable , beautiful , highly efficient products and solutions for such as enterprise messaging platform more than a mature product. Monitoring for power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, railway signal monitoring, manufacturing automation, industrial automation control and industrial and commercial tax office, financial information, business media, medical registration, hotel reservations and other self-service .
We will constantly improve and develop "Kingdek" , as always, provide our customers the perfect and value-creating quality services and used to achieve immediate and long-term return on investment .Let's work together to create prosperity with full ambition.

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